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About Us

genmedics is a privately held biotech company comprising of a highly experienced and motivated team of scientists. With multidisciplinary skills in the fields of molecular biology, protein expression and purification, process and assay developement as well as in management, we deliver innovative solutions and services for our customers.

The extensive study and experitse genmedics has developed on Staphylococci and their potential in expressing new protein and peptide structures and potential antiinfectiva makes our company a unique partner for the pharmaceuticals, vetrenary and biotech industries.

genmedics is located in the university town of Tübingen, 50 km south of the city of Stuttgart, in southwestern Germany. The surrounding academic and research environment gives ample potential for an innovative research, development and manufacturing company. Among the adjacent academic institutions from which genmedics profits a lot are the department of Microbial Genetics, The Faculty of Medicine, and the Max Planck Institute, all in a 2 to 5km radius about our laboratories. These institutions provide not only sharing their excellent library and other facilities, but also are the sources of additional research innovation and development from which genmedics can revert to the results.

We have laboratories of security level 2 (S2) equipped with modern instruments for sequencing, chromatography, fermentation and robots supported facilities.